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National Capital Corporation (NCC) for your tax problem solutions.

Tax Problems

Audit representation – Don’t go through a dreaded audit unrepresented. You may believe

you’re saving money without representation, but all too often, the final bill from the IRS is

costly. The IRS will leave no stone unturned when completing your audit. Get smart from the

start and send us your audit notification.

Unfiled Tax Returns – Not filing your taxes is a criminal offense punishable with jail time. It’s

not worth it! We can help you voluntarily get back in compliance. If you wait for the IRS to file

your returns for you, they are filed in the best interest of the government, usually with few or

none of the deductions to which you are entitled.

Back Taxes Owed – Don’t let debt mount up year after year. Interest and penalties add up

quickly. Let us help you make a plan to get your debt straight. We know your options and can

help you make educated decisions. Stop ignoring those IRS letters and take action today.

Payroll Tax Issues – Not paying payroll taxes is another serious offense. The government sees

this partially as you not paying your employees’ withholdings and will severely penalize you. In

payroll tax cases, the IRS will take aggressive action. Let us help you strategize and expertly

handle these issues.

Offer in Compromise – This program allows tax payers to settle up with the IRS at a much

lower rate. When the IRS believes it’s unlikely that they can collect the full amount, they may

work with you. If handled properly, you may be able to settle for a mere 5 to 15 percent of what

you currently owe.

IRS Payment Plan – If you don’t meet the requirements for the IRS Offer in Compromise

program, you can set up a payment plan. We can help you arrange a plan and afford you more

time to repay your debts.

IRS Liens – If the IRS has set up a lien, it means they can tax the sales of your assets. Liens can

wreak havoc on your credit report and affect your financial future, making home and auto

purchases difficult and costly. Let us help you resolve your lien problems.

IRS Levies – Levies involve the IRS seizing your wages and more. If you’ve ignored their

contact attempts and requests for payment, they’ll only tolerate it for so long. The IRS can empty

your accounts and seize some of your belongings. Let us help you get levies released and get

your life back on track.

Bankruptcy – If you’re overcome with back taxes, interest and IRS penalties, bankruptcy may

be your best option. If you qualify, filing bankruptcy can eliminate your debts.

Innocent Spouse Relief – This relief was established for those who are clearly victims. If your

spouse committed tax fraud, we can help you obtain innocent spouse relief.

Obtaining IRS Files – Get a copy of your files to know what the IRS knows about you! This

crucial step isn’t one to skip when evaluating options for solving your tax problems. We can help

you obtain your copy.